Sea Ray 18 Laguna

Belize City , Belize
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Great little Sea Ray boat for a perfect fun day in the shallow waters in Belize.

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Sea Ray Boats 18 Laguna Center Console
18 ft

Sea Ray Boats 18 Laguna Center Console

Belize City
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Belize City

Belize City

Welcome to the Caribbean paradise of Belize. Belize City, the nation’s largest city is a bustling port town of over 70,000 residents. A charming mixture of tradition and modernity, the city is famous for its 1920s era Swing Bridge, the last remaining manually operated swing bridge in the world which connects the northern and southern parts of the city. You can explore the country’s Mayan heritage in the Museum of Belize right up to the lively and exciting art from today found at the Image Factory. Get ready for fun in the sun in Belize, City Belize!

Charter Yourself a Non-Stop Adventure. Located just a stone’s throw from Belize City international airport which is connected to over thirty destinations across North and South America is Belize City’s marina. When you charter a boat from here, you’re unlocking a Caribbean adventure. The country is renowned for its diverse aquatic life and many incredible fishing and diving spots. Best of all, the water is warm year-round making it absolutely perfect for swimming.

Discover Belize City’s Charming Seafront Promenade. As a true coastal destination, the seafront promenade is a truly spectacular place. It’s a great place to come in from a day of water sports and adventure and explore some of the country's great cuisine and shops. You can’t miss the Baron Bliss Light which is one of the most famous landmarks in the whole country! Other great destinations include landmark St. John’s Cathedral and the fun Fort Street Tourism complex. Best of all, everything is within walking distance, so you can enjoy the city at your own pace!

Experience the Best Beaches in Central America. Belize is well-known for its incredible beaches. Just a short sail from the Belize City are some truly spectacular Caribbean style white sandy beaches. There’s nothing better than sipping a cool drink and enjoying the Ambergris Caye, a famed whale watching beach among so many others. Belize is truly all about discover any when you charter your own ship, you can discover the many unique charms that will make this a truly unbelievable vacation.