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GioiA is a Solaris One 44 build from Solaris Yacht on 2012 and designed from Soto Acebal.  (Solaris yacht is one of top Italian brand )  

GioiA has elegant interior in teak and teak deck, with carbon mast, carbon boom, and two carbon helm. GioiA look like a new boat, is very well manteined and very well setup for easy sailing and comfortable cruise. Has all the safety equipment for open see cruise.

GioiA has 3 cabin : one owner cabin locate in the bow and two cabin locate aft. The owner cabin has a private bathroom with separate shower, so you guys will have your own bathroom and privacy.

The boat is chartered with a skipper, at a maximum of 4 passengers: two guests can live in the owner cabin and two guests can live in one of the two aft cabin.

We are flexible and we make it easy for you to get a beautiful holiday : we look at the weather in the morning and decide how to spend a wonderful day on the sea and wait for the sunset with a nice aperitif.  

We will help to fill the galley with food and beverage before your boarding time. We will help to cook and clean up. We provide towel for showers and blankets for the bed.  

(If my wife is on board: you can have a professional yoga lesson)

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Monohull Sail, Daysailer & weekend
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English, Italian
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One 44

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Akhir 55

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A world-favorite vacation destination, Italy sparkles with so many delights for visitors. From the treasures of Rome to the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, it’s a country that you truly need to take your time while visiting. Whether you're scaling the heights of the Italian Alps or cruising along the white, sandy beaches there’s simply just so much for you to do. Italy is truly a gem among gems and here are just a few short reasons that it’s one of Boatsetter’s top destinations.

Discover the Pleasures of Lake Como. Most travelers know to head to Rome, Florence, Milan or any one of Italy’s famous cities. However, there’s so much more to explore. Lake Como is one of the best-kept secrets of local Italians and Europeans and has only recently been discovered by American travelers. It’s a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains and charming towns on all sides where you can sail between beautiful towns and enjoy the best of Italy. From here, you can even choose to take a quick trip to Switzerland or even into France!

From Naples to Sardinia. One of the most exciting adventures is to travel the route between the Italian mainland to Sicily. Beginning from the delightful Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of towns perched along the Mediterranean, you then head north to the incredible city of Naples before out towards Sardinia. This journey over the course of a few days is simply outstanding as you wind your way through Italian culture and history and discover its stunning natural beauty.

Taking the Time to Truly Discover Italy. Italy is famous for the “Dolce Vita” or Sweet Life. It’s about embracing the simple pleasures in life of food, family, friends and having a good time. When it comes to traveling here, there’s no better way to do just that. With your own charter, you’re able to take the time and explore famous places along with those off the beaten path like the charming beach town of Pescara. Whether you are looking to enjoy delicious food and wine, amazing architecture, or its perfect, weather, one thing for certain is that the hardest thing about visiting Italy is leaving it!