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Our boat can accommodate up to 10 people for day trips. Our boat entered the fast boat with 2 pieces of inboard mercury machine and can sail up to 28 knots.

Located in Jakarta. 

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Few places offer more biodiversity, untouched nature along with the exciting buzz of cities and destinations like Jakarta and Bali than Indonesia. Indonesia is home to roughly 18,000 different islands from favorite vacation retreats like Kuta to the untouched wilderness of Sumatra. It’s truly a boater’s heaven and a place just waiting to be explored. Best of all, it’s now more convenient than ever to get there making it an easy destination to reach for those already in Asia or with a week or two long holiday.

Discover the Paradise of Bali. You can’t go to Indonesia and not go to Bali. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular vacation spots on earth and that’s because it is simply paradise. The island is accessible via the Denpasar Airport which connects to over thirty international destinations. In the nearby town of Kuta, you can enjoy partying on the beach and surfing while you can escape out into the coffee plantations and meditation retreats in the mountains outside of town.

Explore the Less Traveled Parts of Indonesia. Everybody knows about Bali and it can feel a little overrun by tourists. However, with your own private charter, you can head out to some truly amazing and more authentic places. One great example is the nearby island of Lombok. While only being a short sail away from Bali, it’s much quieter and the nature is more pristine. Near here you can enjoy incredible diving and snorkeling in crystal clear waters and discover the incredible flora and fauna of Indonesia.

Feel the Excitement of Jakarta and More. Jakarta is a city that polarizes travelers. For many, it may just be your way to connect to one of Indonesia’s great islands, but it’s also well worth exploring. The bustling and diverse city is simply packed with so many activities. You can explore its famous pagodas and temples, sample amazing cuisines in its many markets and also feel the thrill of Indonesia’s largest cities. It’s also a great place to begin a boating adventure as you can sail out to nearby Tunda and Panjang islands to get a little break from the city. Indonesia is simply one of the world’s best vacation destinations and there’s no better way to get a taste of this nation of 18,000 islands than by chartering a boat and seeing it all for yourself!