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Lefkada , Greece
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Our Bavaria 40 is a spacious modern cruising yacht, with three double cabins and two heads. Its a comfortable sailing yacht with perfect up wind sailing performance.It is ideal for family sailing through the Ionian sea, exploring secluded coves and unspoiled beaches.You can enjoy the sun as you dive in the exotic sea that surrounds Lefkada.At the meantime you can have lunch or dinner while the sea accompanies you.

The yacht is located in Lefkada, an island with ancient past and very vibrant atmosphere.You can start sailing from Egremni, visit Porto Katsiki a beach famous for its white sand and even continue to Meganisi for a more relaxed experience. Lefkada is also a great start for visiting the rest of the Ionian islands as it is for neighboring Pelopennese.

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With over 6,000 islands, it can be more than a challenge choosing which Greek destination to choose from. With islands big, small and, more often than not, uninhabited, there is just so much room for a little aquatic exploration. Most people are familiar with some of the larger islands such as Rhodes, Lesbos, Crete, Santorini, and others, but these days Lefkada is growing in popularity for a huge number of reasons. It features incredible coastal beaches like Egremni and Porto Katsiki with stunning cliffs and shimmering turquoise seas. If you are looking for the next great European tourist destination, then Lefkada is definitely the place for you.

Get a Taste of the Simple Life. Lefkada is known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. This is because of its green waters and generally warm temperatures. The island is served by the beach to the Greek mainland is reachable by Athens International Airport in under a few hours. Seasonally, it is also accessible via the Aktion National Airport which sees flights from all over continental Europe. Because of its connectivity, it’s a great summer getaway and makes both an ideal weekend destination as well as launching off point for a larger adventure.

Explore the Eastern Side of the Island for a Little Piece and Quiet. The northern side of Lefkada is definitely the hub and the best place to find excitement, but if you are looking for a taste of quieter and more local flavor then head to Islands East Coast. Here you can find traditional villages which are the perfect place to enjoy the sunrise and the tranquility of small-town Greek life while just a touch north is the Nidri seaside resort which is known for having some of the most famous beaches in Greece.

A Truly Aquatic City. Lefkada is famous from the days of Homer. Many scholars believe this was the home of the famed city of Ithaca and that Odysseus’s palace was located near Nidri. Today, the Santa Maura Castle sits right alongside the ocean and you can actually charter a boat right past here. Along with that, many people enjoy the Kalamitsi Beach which features some of the best surfing to be found in Greece depending on the season.

See the True Side of Greece. If you are looking to fully experience Greece, then there is no better way to do it than by chartering a boat and heading to one of its most ancient islands. It’s a great way to get in touch with history while also experience the sand, fun, and sun and of the absolutely gorgeous waterfront location.