Catamaran 45

San Miguel de Cozumel , Mexico
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from $1 700,00 / 4 Hour

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Cozumel Luxury Catamaran with everything you need. Perfect for relaxing with the sound of the Caribbean Sea and the sails moving with the wind. This is an amazing Catamaran to spend the day with all the luxury you need and able to fit comfortably up to 30 passengers.

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Half Day (4 Hours)
$1 700,00
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San Miguel de Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel is one of Mexico’s largest islands and is located just ten miles from the coast of northeastern Yucatan Peninsula. This island's lush, green vegetation, an array of stunning beaches with soft, white sandy and crystal-clear turquoise waters and incredible diving spots has made it one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations beloved by deep-sea fisher and sunbathers alike. The island has had a long history and once was a part of the Mayan Empire before being a base for famous pirates like Long John Silver. Nowadays, the pirates are gone, but the excite of San Miguel de Cozumel still attracts countless tourists each year.

Savor a Sea Lover’s True Paradise. After decades of overfishing, the aquatic life in the sea near Cozumel has bounced back due to conservation efforts. The island is known as one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in the hemisphere because of the countless choices from the Palancar Reef which climbs from depths of 80 meters to the shallow waters just off the southwest portion of the island. Another popular spot is finding some of the underwater statues and other great sites in the nearby seas.

Relax on the Incredible Beaches. Oddly, Cozumel is not too famous for its beaches, despite there being countless beaches with powdery white sand, crystal clear waters and beautiful coral and rock formations. Some of the best to check out are Playa San and Playa Santa Pilar in Cozumel’s northwest along with Playa Santa Rosa, Playa Palancar and Playa San Francisco in the southwest. Each side of the island though has its own amazing beaches and the best way to explore them all is by sailing around Cozumel!

Sightseeing in San Miguel de Cozumel. San Miguel de Cozumel is the capital of the island and is likely where you are to come in either by ferry or plane. From here you can head to bustling spots like Cancun and Playa del Carmen or enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. You can get a taste of Cozumel’s history at the Museo de La Isla with its interesting exhibits on history, geography, and marine life or enjoy the great restaurants and shopping area. There’s just so much to do and see in Cozumel, and with your own boat charter, you’ll be on your way to enjoying it all!