Caribe Inflatables 20 Deluxe

Ponce , Puerto Rico
# 923
from $350,00 / Day

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Our prices includes all of the following:

  • All safety equipment required.
  • A local captain (so you can enjoy the ride and relax).
  • Fuel for the day.
  • Full size cooler with ice and sodas.
  • BBQ with propane bottle available to be used.
  • Build in Bluetooth speakers.
  • Up to 8 hours rental (we do not navigate before sunrise or after sun set).
  • Island hooper trip for the day for Cayo Maria Langa, Cayo Palomas, Cayo Caribe, Isla Ratones, Cayo Rio, Cayo Parguera, Caja de muerto (We would only go to Caja de Muerto before 8 am and weather permitted and a maximum of 5 passengers will be allow for your conform due to the distance to be travel).

Boat true legal capacity is 12 passenger, but we would like for you to enjoy the trip with comfort. Therefore we limit the passenger capacity.

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Caribe Inflatables DL-20 Deluxe
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The large city of Ponce located on Puerto Rico’s southern coast offers travelers a unique escape into the beautiful heart of Puerto Rico. It features a well-preserved old town with famous, large mansions built in the unique local Once Creole Style that have now been converted into hotels, bed and breakfasts and museums like Centro Cultural de Ponce Carmen Sola de Pereira. With your own boat charter, you’ll be fully able to savor the warm weather, clean waters and authentic local culture all in the fun city of Ponce

Begin Your Adventure from the Paseo Tablado La Guancha. Ponce is centered around its incredible seafront promenade of Paseo Tablado La Guancha. The large beach and boardwalk is lined with an incredible array of shops, cafe, bars, and restaurants and is the perfect place to head to after a day on the sea. Many people enjoy El Barril de la Mulata and El Negocio de Panchi for unique local dishes with a modern twist.

Explore the Beautiful Wildlife of Ponce. Not far outside the city of Ponce is an incredible array of Puerto Rico’s stunning wildlife. One of the island’s crown jewels is Caja de Muertos. This island is just a short sail away from Ponce and is an amazing place to explore. The waters off the coasts are turquoise and depending on the season, you can head onto the island and get a taste of what Puerto Rico looked like before it was developed. Its rich forests are home to countless species of rare animals and birds making it any nature lover’s perfect destination.

Dig into the Authenticity of Ponce. Ponce has a long, rich history and from the city center, you can get a taste of these. One of the best stops is the Museo de Arte de Ponce which features a massive collection of both European and Puerto Rican art. The famous cathedral in the city is also an impressive architectural feat. For those looking for a little more excitement, there’s also the local markets where you can see the fishermen bringing in the daily catch and which you can savor at one the nearby cantinas. With its many great activities, stunning nature, and convenience, Ponce is the perfect all-in-one destination for your next boating adventure.