Capelli Tempest 44

Marseille , France
# 3740

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Charter this large, semi rigid motorboat in Marseille and explore the bay and the beautiful views! Enjoy this spacious semi rigid boat which is perfect for a group of friends or even a family day outing. Charter the Capelli Tempest 44 and relax on its sunbathing area aboard the boat. She accommodates up to 16 people and it is a perfect way to view the beautiful Gateway Provence of Marseille. This motor boat rental is available in a prime location for holiday goers. Take your rental boat and sail around the Island of Chateau d’If, made famous by the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.If that isn't enough why not moor your rental motor boat at the port of Marseille and enjoy some of the finest seafood that is on offer at the epicentre of this lively city.

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Passenger Capacity
Cancellation Policy
Full refund if cancellation made 30 full days before trip check out, local time

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Fishing Gear
Drinks and snacks included
Inflatable Extras
Snorkeling Gear
Boat type
Local Cruising Fuel
Not Included
Languages Spoken
French, English
Alcoholic Beverages
Beer & Wine
Not included
Boat category
Motor Yacht

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Marseille, France’s oldest city was founded in 600 BC. The ancient city has a rich history ranging from Roman times as an important trading port to the medieval castles and more. The city’ is beloved for the lively atmosphere of its fish market and the beautiful seafront promenade. Marseille is a city rich in food, wine, fun, and beauty and there’s no better way to get a taste of it than by booking your own charter boat.

Explore the Rich Culture of France. There just so much to explore in the city of Marseille. One of the most beloved sites is the Notre Dame de La Garde which sits high above the city and offers incredible landscapes of the city, the coast and more. You can also explore the old forts that have been converted into incredible museums like the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean. Best of all is the historic city center which packed with many amazing shops, cafes and even more to discover!

Navigate the Stunning Coast of France. As a historic port city, everything is based around the lively port area. Here you can sample the local delicacies of bouillabaisse an amazing Marseille style fish soup.  After you’ve had a good meal, you’re ready to set off for an adventure. One of the best places to check out is Cape Janet, an amazing spot for diving given the right conditions. You can also head to the numerous small islands like Island of Jaire and Island Plane which are rich in natural beauty and have some amazing unique features in each of them.

Explore the Different Sides of Marseille. Marseille is an opportunity to experience a different side of France. You’ll be able to really soak it all in and see everything from the lively fish markets to the beautiful museums and palaces to catching a soccer game and seeing all the fun in action. Marseille is a complete destination with everything you are looking for in a trip and with your own charter, you’ll be able to really get a taste of everything the incredible city has to offer. Just be sure to leave enough time to enjoy sipping a glass of wine along the seafront promenade. There’s no better place to watch the sunset!