Azimut 62 S

Dubai , United Arab Emirates
# 1149
from $2 752,00 / 4 Hour

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Sunrise 52 Feet is a Luxury Yacht Charter. A beautiful ocean right at your feet and there is no end to it – that is what the oceanic Dubai has got to offer. But what you can take apart from the sea blue panorama is the ways and means of enjoying them. Sea is not just about being on the beach and seeing the sun set in the horizon. If you want to enjoy the sea, enjoy to the fullest!

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Motor Yacht, Cruiser, Flybridge
Azimut 62 Azimut S

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Charter - 4 Hours (4 Hours)
$2 752,00
Astondoa 52
52 ft

Astondoa 52

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Dubai is a fast-paced city well-known for its ultra-modern buildings, luxury shopping, and fast-paced nightlife. Home to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, the city is simply packed with incredible things to do. These days, Dubai is gaining acclaim for its attractions just off its coast. You can explore artificial islands, enjoy the water and marine-animal parks and simply dig into the country’s diverse array of amazing activities.

Appreciate the Many Conveniences of Dubai. Everything about Dubai is about accessibility and convenience. The airport is connected to over 240 destinations and is the largest airport in the world. There are direct flights available from six continents and the airport features convenient bus, metro and taxi links. From here, you can jump into the city are appreciate the super modern malls or explore the famed Empty Quarter which displays the incredible dunes that border towards Oman.

Always the Right Time to Visit. Dubai features a year-long warm climate and is nearly always sunny. This makes for some spectacular boating conditions. That said, most visitors find the time between late October to March to be the best time to visit where the usual temperatures are between a low of 63 degrees and high of 85. There are some rainy days during this time, but usually, the weather is sunny and just the right temperature for an aquatic adventure.

Charter a Course into the Future. Dubai prides itself on its technological innovation. When you charter a boat from here, you are unlocking a real first-hand look at some of the country’s many impressive projects. These days, one of the most popular attractions are the Palm Islands. These artificial islands were created less than a decade ago and look like palm leaves from above. As you make your way through the islands, you can discover the exotic marine life that has established itself there. The area is also home to 28 great resorts which are a great place to come into after a day of exploring out on the ocean. Dubai is the perfect luxury getaway for those looking to enjoy the finer things in life and the best way to make the most out of it is by chartering a boat and creating your own perfect itinerary.