55m Neta Marina

Bodrum , Turkey
# 5026
from $151 950,00 / 7 Day

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55m Luxury Yacht for Weeklong Charter in Turkey. 

MYBA terms are acceptable and APA system is being applied. Fuel, food, drinks, transfer and all other expenses will be covered from the APA.

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Ice, Soda, Water
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English, Greek, Turkish
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55m Neta Marina
Boat category
Motor Yacht

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Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Weeklong Charter (7 Days)
$151 950,00
Ketch-Gulet Halis Temel 137'
137 ft

Ketch-Gulet Halis Temel 137'

à partir de $2 613,54
42m Gulet
141 ft

42m Gulet

à partir de $60 780,00
131' Gulet
131 ft

131' Gulet

à partir de $65 642,40


At one point, Bodrum was the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus. By late in the Ottoman Empire, it was a simple fishing town. In the last few decades, however, it has transformed into one of the most vibrant cities on Turkey’s Turquoise coast. Travelers from all over the world flock here in the summer to enjoy its unique charm. With its many fantastic sightseeing destinations and yachts bobbing in the harbor, it’s the perfect destination to begin a Mediterranean adventure.

Get Ready to Enjoy the Bodrum Peninsula. Bodrum is not just a small city, but it’s also the name of the peninsula. The area is reachable by the Bodrum Airport along with by boat from the Greek islands of Kos and Rhodes making it an ideal starting point or stop off in the Mediterranean. The city along with peninsula is home to countless beaches and seemingly endless stretches of sandy. Whether you are looking to hobnob with celebrities or find your own secluded piece of paradise, you can find it along the shores here.

Charter a Course to One of the Islands. With your own private charter, it opens up limitless possibilities to enjoy Bodrum. Most travelers use it as a base to enjoy the many small and unique islands just off the coast. Located close to Greece and within the Aegean, there are simply countless opportunities for adventure. Two of the best destinations include Pserimos, Leros, and Levitha.

Head over to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. This is a two for one stop. One of the top sights in Bodrum is the Castle of Saint Peter, a massive 14th-century castle now turned into a museum. Within it, is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. With such a long history, there are so many treasures you can find in it. Best of all is the Glass Wreck hall, which features a 45 feet long ship that sunk in the year 1025! You can also explore a sunken Greek trader ship.

Embark on Your Own Aegean Adventure. The best thing about Bodrum is that it opens up countless opportunities for you to explore the Aegean. Whether you are looking to explore the Greek or Turkish islands, when you charter a boat here you are opening up yourself to the opportunity to have an unforgettable adventure across the Aegean Sea where incredible food, fun, and culture await you. So, get ready for the vacation of a lifetime today!