44 Hatteras

Cayman Islands , The Caribbean
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from $1 000,00 / 4 Hour

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Welcome aboard our 44’ Hatteras and enjoy Cayman’s beautiful waters from the comfort of “Infinity II.” This boat is the perfect option for large groups who would like to experience the water with extra comfort. With the opportunity to sit back and relax inside the cabin with A/C or climb up top and relax while our captain runs the boat, there’s plenty of room for everyone to move around. Enjoy amenities such as Wi-Fi, double bed, single bunk beds, shower, bathroom, fresh water, fully equipped kitchen, couch, storage for your belonging, safe box, and comfortable seating for up to 23 guests. The Infinity II is fully stocked with safety equipment and is thoroughly inspected and licensed as a private charter vessel.

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Snorkeling Gear
Ice, Soda, Water
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Fishing Gear
44 Hatteras
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Offshore Sport fishing

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Deep Sea Fishing - Half Day (4 Hours)
$1 200,00
Deep Sea Fishing - 3/4 Day (6 Hours)
$1 400,00
Deep Sea Fishing - Full Day (8 Hours)
$1 600,00
Custom Charter - 1/2 Day (4 Hours)
$1 000,00
Custom Charter - 3/4 Day (6 Hours)
$1 200,00
Custom Charter - Full Day (8 Hours)
$1 400,00
38 Intrepid
38 ft

38 Intrepid

Cayman Islands
à partir de $800,00
Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

The British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands is composed of three beautiful Caribbean islands. Each has its own unique features that are well worth exploring. The largest, Grand Cayman, has excellent beach resorts and incredible diving and snorkeling spots. Cayman Brac is popular launch-off for fishing adventures. The last of three, Little Cayman, is a little quieter and known as a pristine and biodiverse island filled with all kinds of animals. Check out some of these amazing things you can do when you head to the Cayman Islands.

Check Out Some of the Amazing Beaches. This is the reason you go to the Cayman Islands to enjoy the incredible beaches. Since Grand Cayman is the gateway island to= the rest of the Caymans, you should be sure to head to famous Seven Mile Beach. This long coral-sand beach is lined with incredible snorkeling and diving spots as well as great resorts, bars, and restaurants. It’s a great choice for enjoying a wide range of aquatic activities before you set off a boat cruise and a little island exploration.

Sail Down to the Blowholes. Grand Cayman has so many different places for you to check out. You can discover private stretches of beach, blue lagoons and so much more. Not far from the bustling central part of town is the Blowholes. This unique spot is considered to be on the most scenic in the Caribbean. Here seawater crashes into openings along the rocky coastline creating a blowhole type effect that resembles a whale. As a side note, it’s also not a bad spot to do a little snorkeling and diving nearby. You can even check out Stingray City which is home to a large amount of both stingrays and large sea turtles.

Experience the Other Exciting Cayman Islands. Once you’ve had your fun on Grand Cayman, head out to the other incredible islands. Each one is well worth exploring. In Little Cayman, you can enjoy some of the beautiful wildlife and rare birds and other animals that call the area home. In fact, one of island’s unofficial mascot is the red-footed boobies. You can also check out the amazing shipwreck dive site of Captain Keith Tibbetts. From Cayman Brac, you can set off on some amazing fishing adventures. So don’t wait any longer. Reserve your boat charter today to unlock the amazing activities of the Cayman Islands!