Bat Rib 28

Trapani , Italy
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The boat is 7,40 meters, powered by Yamaha 200 hp- It excellent for daily excursions, fishing, water skiing. No captain needed.

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Located in the crescent-shaped coastline of western Sicily, Trapani is a refreshing coastal town that provides spectacular views of the Mediterranean and a stunning look into Italy’s past. It’s full of Churches, cathedrals, museums, and monuments along with great shopping, food and entertainment options. As the city grew around its port, it is any true sea lover’s paradise and features magnificent coastal hills and beaches located between the famed canal of Sicily and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Discover the Incredible Marine Life. With your own charter, you’ll be able to truly explore the Trapani Coast widely considered to be most of the most impressive in Italy. These incredible places of natural beauty include the Gulf of Castellammare and its impressive cliffs and rock monuments along with Scopello with its transparent waters and incredible natural stones. This is just the beginning, you can also explore the large protected area of the Zingaro Nature Reserve which features breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Dive into the Amazing Aquatic Life. These spots are just the beginning. There are simply so many places to explore with your own charter. One must see is the volcanic island of Pantelleria and the Trapani and Paceco Saline Nature Reserve which is one of the best diving regions in all of the Mediterranean.  These are only a few of the examples of why Trapani is truly any sea lover’s paradise.

Savor the Delights of Sicily. Trapani is not just incredible nature, but also is a great place to get a look into Italy’s rich history You can explore the medieval era town of Erice and take a trip straight into the past. There’s also the Cordici Civic Museum which features treasures from Italy’s Renaissance era. Of course, no trip to Sicily is complete with savoring the local gastronomy. Trapani is well-known for its incredible array of seafood options particularly grilled fished and mattanza and of course, Sicily is the capital of Canoles and wines like Marsala and Alcamo's. If you are looking for fun in the sun during the day and the finer things to savor at night than be sure to reserve your charter for Trapani today!