Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Odyssey 39DS

Portugal , Mediterranean
# 4210
from $452,12 / 4 Hour

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You choose what you want to do with the time and we provide our guests with a safe, unforgettable day of fun in the ocean waves. We are committed to excellent customer service and guarantee remarkable memories.

You can connect your music above and below deck via our iPod connection. On full-day charters we also have a dinghy, kayak, and snorkel gear.

For charter over a week long, please contact us after booking 7 day charter. 

What To Bring:

• Bathing suit 

• Sunblock 

• Towel 

• Wine or beer & Prepared foods (if desired)


Passenger Capacity
Sleep Capacity
Year Built


Fishing Gear
Snacks, catered food upon request
Inflatable Extras
Snorkeling Gear
Boat type
Alcoholic Beverages
Soft drinks, water, and ice
Not included
Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Odyssey 39DS
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Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Half Day Charter (4 Hours)
Full Day Charter (8 Hours)
3 Day Charter (3 Days)
4 Day Charter (4 Days)
2 Day Charter (2 Days)
5 Day Charter (5 Days)
6 Day Charter (6 Days)
7 Day Charter (7 Days)
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Although not as often on the American traveler’s European itineraries, Portugal has long been a favorite destination for those from around the region. From the resort cities that line the southern coast to the classic capital city of Lisbon and the nearby Madeira Islands, Portugal offers its own unique flavor to delight visitors. If you are looking to experience an authentic look into one of the most amazing cultures of Europe then be sure to head to Portugal on your next vacation!

Discovering the Serra de Arga. Portugal two most famous features are its mountains and its coasts. Along the country lie the stunning Serra de Arga mountain chain that moves from North to South. Besides being any hiker or motorcyclist's dream, they offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Even though Portugal is so close to Spain, they are what create this own special world where you can explore charming villages and discover the warm local culture.

Charter a Course for the Madeira Islands. For most vacation travelers, Portugal’s is known for its southern resorts and the Madeira Islands. The Madeiras are a small archipelago located near Portugal out in the Atlantic. Although not as easy to reach, they are more than worth it. Here you can discover the incredible beauty of the islands and the breathtaking provincial capital of Funchal. You can explore the rugged coastline which has its share of lovely beaches and even nearby thermal hot springs! It’s truly the place for the looking for something different on their vacations!

Dive into One of Europe Most Fascinating Capitals. In 1755, Portugal, unfortunately, suffered from a massive earthquake. It left half the city of ruins and took decades to rebuild. However, it also created the incredible diversity of the Portuguese capital. As you make your way across the city, you’ll travel through history as you wander at thousand-year-old castles, baroque churches, and its modern downtown. It’s so much culture and history packed into such a small space that most travelers spend at least three days in the city exploring each of the little passageways of the old town or the amenities located along the coast. Portugal is one of the great gems of Europe and if you’re ready to see something new, then you’ll be amazed at everything this magical country has to offer!