Dufour 385

Funchal , Madeira
# 1373
from $440,00 / 4 Hour

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Green Storm is a Dufour Grand Large 385 located on the Island of Madeira, Portugal. We are experts on promoting lovely sailing moments, with over 35 years of sailing experience! If you're interested in spending a day aboard either for an unique sailing experience or organizing a special event, our host Vasco will be more than happy to welcome you and guide you through.

BOAT FEATURES: Dufour Grand Large 385 Year: 2004 3 Cabins 2 WC’s Engine: 40HP Dingui

INCLUDED EXTRAS: Snorkelling set Navigation area: Madeira Islands


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Portugal is Europe’s top vacation destination. It features perfect weather, astounding beaches and incredibly lovely resort towns. Funchal is any water lover’s dream. As the capital of Portugal’s Madeira Archipelago, the small city is surrounded by hills and well-known for its beautiful marina, relaxing gardens and, of course, delicious Madeira wine. You can explore, the centuries-old cathedrals and buildings, soak up the sun on the beaches or head into the Contemporary Art Museum. Funchal is your one-stop destination that truly has something for everyone.

Where the Old and New World Come Together. Funchal became a city in the 1500’s and was known as a point where the old and new world came met. It was an important stop for ships headed across the ocean and was also famous for “white gold” or the local Madeira sugar. Today, this blended history is felt in the local cuisine that offers a little taste everything along with the city’s easygoing feel. The best place to really soak it all up is Blandy’s Wine Lodge which you can try the local varietal and get a taste for what makes Funchal so special.

Charter a Course through the Archipelago. Funchal is just the capital, but there are more islands for you to discover. The islands are nearby the famous Azores and that’s the just the beginning of great places that you can sail to nearby Funchal. There are so many incredible sailing spots for you to check out. Here you can get a taste of the classic explorers and find some of the secret coves and spots where it’s rumored treasures carrying vast loads of gold sank. You just might be lucky enough to dive down and find one!

The Perfect Blend of Different Styles. What makes Funchal so incredible is that it has a something for everyone. People interested in history can explore the museums downtown and the old school cobblestone road. Nature lovers will appreciate the renowned botanical gardens and as a famous meeting spot between worlds, there’s is some truly unique shopping here. If you are an ocean lover looking to discover somewhere new, then Funchal is the perfect place for you to reserve your next charter and have a truly unforgettable vacation experience.