Cigarette Top Fish 39

Anse Marcel , US Virgin Islands
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from $1.290,00 / Day

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This is how being on the water was always meant to be: smooth, quiet, and steady even in sea conditions that leave the others at the docks. And, no wonder. You’re riding a legendary Cigarette Top Fish. The prices featured show the price for St. Martin. Leaving from Anguilla costs an extra $100 and leaving from St. Barth costs an extra $200.


Passenger Capacity
Crew Capacity
Year Built
Fuel Capacity


Food - Not Included, Water - Included
Snorkeling Gear
Fishing Gear
Boat type
Local Cruising Fuel
Languages Spoken
English, French, & Dutch
Cigarette Top Fish
Boat category
Bow rider, Motor Yacht


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Charter - Full day (Full day)
Anse Marcel

Anse Marcel

Call it the real paradise or an exceptional setting in the harmony with the surroundings; Anse Marcel is one of the most vivacious places that everyone loves to explore once in a while. The destination is home to a number of beaches, awesome sights, and some luxurious resorts and hotels, which are all residing here to make your journey an incredible one. What can’t be ignored is the astounding surroundings that have the power to grab anyone’s attention in no time. No matter, how much time you spend in here, it is little in terms of what is being served at this place.  So, why people prefer to be at this destination every now and then? What is so special about this place that seduces people from around the world? Well, if we begin to count, an uncountable number of things would be on this list. And, here are some of the best reasons why anyone should visit Anse Marcel.

Private Boat Trips- This is simply an awesome experience that people die for when in Anse Marcel. Just rent out the best boat for you and your family and be ready to enjoy the sights while you are sailing over those attractive beaches and seas. Book your boat with the best party boat for rentals for the greatest fun.

Paddling- To witness those incredible sights, enjoy renting those colorful funky paddleboards and prepare yourself for the adventure and beauty at the same time- the adventure of paddling your own paddleboard and witnessing the beauty of the surroundings, which in simple words is extraordinary. There is enough space for you to fit on the paddleboard and see the crystal-clear water sprinkling on your face every now and then. The entire trip will be so comfortable, that you wouldn’t even realize that you are actually floating. So, go for paddling when in Anse Marcel.

Go Scuba Diving- Who will deny experiencing those great views inside the water? Isn’t it fun playing with underwater beings and capturing every moment while you are there? And, not only the experienced and certified divers but also the beginners are always welcomed here to try scuba diving, anytime. The experts are always there to hold your hand and guide you in the best possible way. This is something worth not missing at all.

Try Surfing- Of course, you can’t go home without trying this incredibly awesome activity. Yes, Surfing is fun and when it is done on the beaches of Anse Marcel, it has another level of adrenaline rush to give you. Be ready along with your family to go into the water, let those waves to soothe your body, and make you feel more adventurous when you are here.

Beach Stroll- For ultimate relaxation and fun, nothing can beat the relaxation and peace that comes with a simple stroll along the shores. People just come here to enjoy that walk with their loved ones while capturing in their eyes the awesome sights of this beautiful location. What they don’t realize that they are not just experiencing such super activities but creating memories for the lifetime.

Anse Marcel is one such destination that has the power to call you again and again. So pack your bags and be ready to explore this super destination now!