Axopar 37

Alcúdia , Mallorca
# 9165
from $1.600,00 / 8 Hour

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With the Axopar 37, the Finnish builder has blended an aggressive look with an inviting cabin while staying true to the company's philosophy of efficiency and performance. By using stepped hulls and twin outboards, the 37 provides respectable speed at a reasonable price. 

Ideal for a fun day out with friends and family!

Included in the price: local tax 21% and captain.

Excluded: fuel charge.


Passenger Capacity


Boat type
Axopar 37
Boat category
Motor Yacht


Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Full day charter (8 Hours)
Grand Golden Line G850
28 ft

Grand Golden Line G850

von $838,76
Selva 800 S
26 ft

Selva 800 S

von $668,58


Alcudia located in the northern part of the Spanish island of Mallorca is known for its great weather, incredible beaches like Playa d’Alcudia and Playa de Muro in the marvelous bay of Alcudia, and its scenic and lively downtown. From the famous neo-Gothic church of Sant Jaume built along the town’s medieval walls in the old town center to the bustling waterfront district, Alcudia is the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation making it an ideal destination for your next vacation.

Charter an Adventure along the famed Alcudia Bay. The calm waters of Alcudia Bay are perfect for all kinds of water sports. Many people enjoy activities ranging from swimming and diving to water skiing and paragliding there. But the sight is also home to some incredible bird watching. Since 1988, the bird lovers have flocked to the La Albufera Nature Park who has enjoyed the more than 200 different bird species that can be found there year-round. 

Dive into the History and Culture of Alcudia. Alcudia is an ancient temple dating from pre-Roman era times. You can take a trip across this incredible history from the medieval era walls to the Ca’n Torro Library which houses rare artifacts and sits inside a 14th-century era building. The town features an amazing divide between its historic district which requires things to be built to conform to the existing styles and its modern shorefront making it the perfect place to dive into history and then enjoy some of the finer touches of modern life.

Sink Your Teeth into the Flavors of Alcudia, Spain. Alcudia is one of the culinary capitals of wine. Whether you enjoy the fresh seafood or the local wines and cheeses, there are just so many different culinary delights here. One of the absolute gems of Mallorca is Verde Teja. Don’t let its’ casual atmosphere fool you because it's serving up some seriously amazing food. Another great spot is Rancho Chicho, a beloved late-night restaurant you where you can sample over forty different wines. There’s even more to do and see in Alcudia. From here, you can cruise your boat around the island to explore some of the other amazing towns and islands. Reserve your boat today so you can be sure to have an unforgettable vacation!