Sea Ray 425

Cartagena , Colombia
# 5167
from $2,265.00 / 8 Hour

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Sea Ray 425 

An elegant and speedy mid-range choice. The Sundancer’s powerful motors and sharp bow cut through the water with ease ensuring a very fast but extremely smooth ride. Spacious interior, on deck lounge in shade, a large sunbed on the bow and a huge swim platform make it a complete package for an unforgettable day at the islands.

Optional Packages (each package is for 2 people): 

Party Package ($175): 12 Heinekens, 1 Don Julio Tequila, 1 De Todito XL, 4 soft drinks, 2 gatorades, mixed nuts & seafood lunch platter at Cholon. 

Elegant Package ($180): 1 JP Chenet Ice, Natural orange juice, 4 Ice Teas, meat & cheese platter, seasonal fruits, large lobster with coconut rice lunch. 

Simple Package ($25): 12 Heinekens, 1 De Todito XL, 5 soft drinks. 

Custom Packages: Please inquire for custom package. 

Snorkeling gear($15): Available upon request. 

Restrictions on this boat: 

  • No escorts
  • No Partying
  • No Dj's 

Infos de bateau

Passenger Capacity
Crew Capacity
Sleep Capacity
Year Built
Fuel Capacity
Bed Count
Cancellation Policy
8 days = 30% penalty, 7 to 1 day = 70% penalty, no refund on same day.

Les aménagements

Snorkeling Gear
Ice, Soda, Water
Ice & water is included.
Available upon request, please see description.
Inflatable Extras
Boat type
Fishing Gear
Local Cruising Fuel
Cruising fuel is included.
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish.
Alcoholic Beverages
Available upon request, please see description.
Not included
Sea Ray 425
Boat category
Express cruiser

Les prix

Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Island Hopping Charter (8 Hours)
45 Dufour
45 ft

45 Dufour

à partir de $1,100.00
Bravo 410
41 ft

Bravo 410

à partir de $350.00
Lagoon 400
40 ft

Lagoon 400

à partir de $1,600.00
34 ft


à partir de $3,976.00


Colombia’s port city of Cartagena sits on the Caribbean coast. Founded over 500 years ago, the city is packed with history and culture from its classic walled Old Town to the cobblestone streets and colorful buildings. With its tropical climate, Cartagena is one of Colombia’s top vacation destinations as people flock to the Bayside Calle del Arsenal in the Getsemani neighborhood which offers great beaches, nightlife, and salsa music. Cartagena is a vibrant, exciting place so be sure to check out these amazing activities there: 

Escape to the Beautiful Islands. Aside from having its own fantastic beaches, Cartagena is a gateway to some of the nearby islands. With your own boat, you’ll be able to head to Isla de Barú which is beloved for its palm tree-lined beaches and excellent snorkeling spots. You can also head to the relaxing Islas del Rosario—shaped like a Rosary—and well known for the incredible coral reefs and diversity of marine life. From these islands, you can loop around and head back into the exciting city of Cartagena.  

Travel Back into Colombia’s Past. Cartagena has a long history and there’s so much for you to explore. Generally, people visit Old Town by entering it through the impressive Torre del Reloj—clock tower—-where you can then explore the notorious Palace of the Inquisition and Las Bovedas, the 18th-century dungeon. You can also climb into the hills to visit the beautiful Castle of San Felipe de Barajas which offers incredible panoramas of the ocean and the city.

Experience the Best Beach in Cartagena. Hands down the most popular beach in Cartagena is Playa Blanca in Baru. The town is actually about thirty minutes from the city, but well worth the trip because it is one of the best spots in the region for all kinds of watersports or just enjoying a nap on the sand. The waters here are turquoise and from here, you can even head out to the island of Tierra Bomba. After a day in this quieter part of the region, you can head back and experience the thrilling nightlife in Getsemani and enjoy a little aguardiente—Colombian national spirit—and salsa dancing.  If you are looking for an exciting destination that combines the best of natural beauty, history, and exciting activities then be sure you head to Colombia on your next vacation!