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San Foca , Italy
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That sail boat is very comfortable and high performing. There are four cabins: three are double cabins, and one with two bunk beds. In total, 8 visitors may sleep here. The skipper is an expert on this area, and reliable. He is passionate about fishing and music. He's speaks English very well. The standard itinerary provides navigation around Salento's area where there are a lot of wonderful creeks and caves. The tour provides departure from San Foca's port, and cruise on to Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Maldive of salento and Gallipoli. You can go also in Ionian Greece Islands, because the distance is just 45 miles!

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San Foca

San Foca

San Foca, Italy is a small fisherman’s village located in Lecce Province, Italy (or what most outsiders refer to as Italy’s heel). This small-town bustles with excitement in the summer as visitors flocks to its award-winning beaches and coastal resorts. San Foca is known for its pristine beauty, relaxed charm and great cuisine making it an ideal choice for your next vacation and with your own boat charter, you’ll be able to truly create some lasting memories.

Explore San Foca’s Tourist Port. San Foca’s tourist port is divided by two sandy coves protected by the rocky coasts. Each has their own unique touch to it. Northern San Foca, which lies close to the town center features a long, sandy beach of Spiaggia di Briganti where some incredible rock formations lie just a few meters from the edge of the war. Be sure to snap of photo of the most famous one “dell ‘otto” or number eight so named as it is shaped like the number.

Setting a Course South in San Foca. San Foca, Italy’s southern region is also filled with charms. The Degli Aranci Bay is surrounded by a low cliff and features fine soft sand and its calm waters are a great place for a little swimming and relaxation. There is also an abundance of coves to explore as forth south as the town of Roca where you can discover more beaches including the famed Torre Specchia, a paradise for surfers of all types.

Discovering the Famous Heel of Italy. San Foca is one of the most charming towns in Lecce Province. If you are looking for a little more excitement, you can head to the capital city (also named Lecce) and enjoy some of the many great dining and entertainment options. More than anything, the entire region is any boat lover's paradise and when you set sail from San Foca charming marina you have so many options for exploration. With your own charter, you’ll be able to unlock the secrets of Lecce and truly immerse yourself in the pleasures of Italy.