Bali 4.3

British Virgin Islands , The Caribbean
# 3919
from $8 001,08 / Week

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This Bali 4.3 boasts  4 double cabins, 2 developed front spikes and a convertible saloon, the Bali 4.3 can accommodate 10 people. The privacy of the passengers will be respected by the presence of 4 bathrooms. Fully equipped for you to have a pleasant cruise aboard, a swim platform and a flybridge to multiply the spaces of life on board.

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Week (1 Week)
$8 001,08
49 Catana
49 ft

49 Catana

British Virgin Islands
à partir de $26 000,00
Rodman 41 Flybridge
40 ft

Rodman 41 Flybridge

British Virgin Islands
à partir de $2 097,00
Helia 44
44 ft

Helia 44

British Virgin Islands
à partir de $18 048,00
39' Custom
39 ft

39' Custom

British Virgin Islands
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British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Located not far from Puerto Rico are the lovely British Virgin Islands. This volcanic archipelago consists of four major islands and a large collection of smaller ones. The British Virgin Islands are known for their coral reefs, great beaches and as being a premier boating destination. From the largest island of Tortola and its capital of Road Town, you’ll be able to begin an excellent exploration of these majestic islands. So are you ready for a great vacation? Here are some of the things you can look forward to on these great islands.

Discover Some Incredible Dive Sites. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are any diver’s paradise— and a perfect place to learn if you haven’t already. Besides the generally excellent conditions for diving like calm and waters, there is a wide variety of things for you to explore. One of the favorites is the 19th-century ship the RMS Rhone which is one of the rare Caribbean shipwrecks that is also visible to snorkelers. Nearby the famous ship are also two of the best beaches in the Caribbean—White Bay and Great Harbour.

Set Your Sights on the Unique Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda is another of the four large islands of the BVI. Here you discover the remarkable area called Baths which is home to a maze of massive beachside boulders. These tremendous stones are not only beautiful but home to an exciting habitat for rare birds, corals and so much more. Along the beaches of North Sound Road, you can enjoy incredible kite surfing and sailing and even check out Mosquito Island which is another popular snorkeling site. Don’t worry, it’s not named after that pesky insect but is a reference the local people who live there.

Experience the Incredible Beauty of the British Virgin Islands. The large islands have everything you’d expect to see in Caribbean Islands. They have great resorts and beaches and plenty of aquatic activities for you to enjoy. But if you want to experience something truly unique to the BVI, then sail out to Anegada, a coral-limestone atoll that’s simply stunning. This stretch of tiny islands is famous for the lobster found in and as a bird sanctuary for flamingoes. It’s truly a mystical place. The British Virgin Islands are simply astounding. Reserve your boat charter today so you discover what makes them so amazing!