30' Sailing Catamaran

Virgin Islands US , The Caribbean
# 5073
from $870.00 / 6 Hour

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Sporty & affordable catamaran is the best choice for budget-conscious groups and families with ‘no frills=high thrills’ attitudes of adventure. Agility required for a fully fun and exhilarating day with front row seats to the action. 

St. John’s CHEAPEST sailing catamaran option!


Rates are for boat seat ticket only. Beverages/snacks/snorkel gear/lunch (if applicable) available for CASH purchase only. You may pay for these items in cash once on the boat or during the booking process. Your choice! NO COOLERS PLEASE.

Snorkel Gear $5/set

Drinks: Soda/$2 Beer/$3 RumPunch/$3

Drink Pass: $6/p half day —or— $12/p full day (purchased at time of booking)

Snorkel Gear & Drink Pass Combo: $10 half day —or— $15 full day. (purchased at time of booking)


Suggested hospitality & service industry standard gratuity not included in rates, but is expected—especially since we keep rates so low—please be generous to your captain & crew! We’d rather you find another activity elsewhere rather than not be generous to the Captain & Crew. We are bending over backwards to offer this boat as a low-cost activity for budget-minded travelers while not making a reasonable profit at all, but we do it so everyone gets the opportunity to sail and enjoy St. John from the water! Just FYI—it costs more to go on a guided paddleboarding experience than it does for a comparable sail on this boat. An automatic 20% is added to all groups with 4 or more in the same booking party even if paying separately.


Requires agility and open mind to basic comforts (NO BATHROOM). This requires special acknowledgement consent when booking online.

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Passenger Capacity
Crew Capacity

Les aménagements

Snorkeling Gear
Ice, Soda, Water
Drink Pass: $6/p half day —or— $12/p full day
Available upon Request
Inflatable Extras
Boat type
Fishing Gear
Local Cruising Fuel
Captain + Mate
Not included
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Les prix

Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Full Day USVI National Park (6 Hours)
Faith 25
26 ft

Faith 25

Virgin Islands US
à partir de $360.00
Downeaster 38
38 ft

Downeaster 38

Virgin Islands US
à partir de $120.00
Vantage 270
28 ft

Vantage 270

Virgin Islands US
à partir de $400.00
Columbia 36
36 ft

Columbia 36

Virgin Islands US
à partir de $115.00
Virgin Islands US

Virgin Islands US

Get ready to explore one of the most incredible tropical paradises in the world and you don’t even need a passport! That’s not all, but you’ll receive additional benefits such as being able to use your current phone plan and your credit card without any international fees. These might be small details, but these little perks all add up to the way the US Virgin Islands is one of the best places for Americans to go on vacation. You have all the benefits of home, making travel convenient and simple while getting to explore one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Delight in the Pleasures of Charlotte Amalie. The US Virgin Islands consist of the three larger islands of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas along with a collection of smaller islands, islets, and reefs nearby. Most people head into them through the capital of Charlotte Amalie, a city that’s over four hundred years old and absolutely magical. Here you can see the foundations of European settlements in the western hemisphere and discover the Danish, Spanish and local roots that all give flavor to this great city.

Exploring the US Virgin Islands. To truly experience the US Virgin Islands, there’s no better way to see them than by chartering a boat and creating your own adventure as you make your way through the more populous larger islands and out into the Caribbean where you can discover the incredible marine diversity of the area. For many people, the biggest attraction is diving where you can enjoy the warm waters and the incredible array from species from migratory whales and schools of fish and even catch a glimpse of some rare birds.

Discover the Many Culture of the US Virgin Islands. Although they may be called the “US” Virgin Islands, there’s so much international culture to explore on these islands. Many different groups of people call the region and this fusion of cultures creates something truly unique. The islands are home to their own style of music that blends elements of the Caribbean like calypso from Trinidad and reggae from Jamaica into something wholly unique. The food too is equally exciting as you taste buds savor the freshest fish seasoned with local herbs and spices. The US Virgin Islands blend the comforts of home with the mysteries of being abroad and with your own charter, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into this incredible destination!