Sacs Stratos 42

Ibiza , Balearic Islands
# 4087
from $1.200,00 / Day

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Our Galaxie is a sporty Mediterranean open Mega RIB that is perfect for who wants have a day charter and reach the amazing beaches of Formentera or the bay of Ibiza island.

The boat is equipped with bluetooth audio system, fresh water shower, shade tent, rest pillows and other equipment that will let you enjoy your boat trip in most comfortable way.

Skipper price is included in the price of this offer and if you have a valid boat driving license you can drive as well !!

Onboard we offer:

* A complimentary selection offer of Drinks: Beers-Sodas-Water-Wine-Juice  

* Bath towels

* Tow-able sky tube for your fun activity (on request)

* Snorkeling equipment

* Light snacks

* Water ski (on request for additional cost)

Información del bote

Capacidad de pasajeros
Capacidad de la tripulación
Año de construcción


Fishing Gear
Jet ski
Available upon request, for an additional charge.
Light snacks and select drinks are included.
Inflatable Extras
Snorkeling Gear
Boat type
Local Cruising Fuel
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
Alcoholic Beverages
Beers and wine included.
Stratos 42
Boat category
Other, Center console


Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Full Day (Full day)
43 "Good News"
43 ft

43 "Good News"

desde $1.323,79
48 "Bibelle"
48 ft

48 "Bibelle"

desde $1.457,50
38 "Oryx"
38 ft

38 "Oryx"

desde $1.457,50
42 "Bandido"
42 ft

42 "Bandido"

desde $2.053,15


What can be said about Ibiza that we don’t already know. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe because of its exquisite natural beauty, incredible nightlife and amazing food and culture. The island is home to only about 130,000 people, but roughly 6,000,000 visit every year! There is much to love about the island, but to make it a truly special time than nothing beats an Ibiza boat rental. Here are some of the top things you can do by chartering a vessel for the day or maybe even a week!

Explore Hidden Islands- Ibiza is the most famous out of chain of small islands, the Balearics, located in the Mediterranean. Though it is the most famous, it is not even the largest of the islands. To really get the most out of an Ibiza boat rental experience then you need to explore some of the surrounding places. The big islands obviously aren’t too much of a secret, but there a host of tiny ones where you can have your own private beach party.

Boat Party- Speaking of festivities, there a few things more Ibiza style than having your own boat party. They are the perfect beginning or end to your festivities on the island. There are some great boat options available and you would truly be missing out on our experience if you and your friends didn’t throw a little yacht party.

Watersports- You can be in some pretty terrible places and still have a great time fishing or parasailing. But what makes an incredible spot like here even better is having the ability to do whatever kind of watersports you like. With an Ibiza boat rental, you can snorkel or scuba wherever you like. Best of all, you can get cleaned up on the boat so as soon as you hit dry land, you will be ready to have a night on the town.

See the Island From a Whole New Perspective- The best way to see any island is from the ocean. Having an Ibiza boat rental allows you to have the insider’s tour of the place. You can see parts of it that are difficult to reach because roads and traffic and even cruise over to Las Salinas Natural Park, a huge UNESCO biosphere which stretches from eastern Ibiza across several islands and with its serene beauty, it is the perfect place to calm your nerves after a few crazy nights in the city.

Having the Freedom to Go Wherever You Want- There way to plan your next vacation than by starting with an Ibiza boat rental to carry you around the island in the style. It is the best way to fully maximize all of their great opportunities there to create an unforgettable vacation experience. While you are sailing around the island, why not host your own sandbar party where you get decide who is on the guest list and what are the best drinks for the occasion!