Alden Brenton 80

Hamptons , United states
# 1818
from $3,448.00 / 4 Hour

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We offer private charters in the heart of the picturesque Hamptons aboard a beautifully restored 1929 Alden Schooner. Proposals, corporate outings, birthday celebrations, or a simple night out with friends are some of our specialties. We are always eager to work with our guests to customize a sail that is perfect for them!

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Alden Brenton


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There are few destinations in the United States are iconic as the Hamptons. The Hamptons actually refer to a collection of seafront communities that have long been a summer retreat from wealthy New York City residents. The area is well-known for its endless stretches of beaches, and its beautiful interior home to large farms and classic 18th-century style buildings. The result is a perfect mix of natural beauty, historic charm and an excellent boating destination for those looking to enjoy the best of New York.

Sag Harbor is Where the Sailing is. Each of the communities of the Hamptons has their own special feature. Sag Harbor is where you go to enjoy some classic sailing. This is the perfect place for you trade in your onboard motor for some masts and sails. Sag Harbor has long been the home of American sailing and one of the best places for you to learn the ancient craft. It also has lovely pebble beaches that set the perfect backdrop for sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking to experience the natural beauty of the Hamptons, this is the spot for you.

Experience Something Different in Montauk. When most people think of the Hamptons, they have ideas about old money and the upper crust of American society. While there is plenty of that here—particularly in Southampton—Montauk is an exciting contrast to the rest of the region. Montauk and is an easygoing destination for people who love the great outdoors. Here are some of the best surfing beaches in the region, a few amazing fishing spots and even some wineries located along the Montauk Highway.

Taste the Good Life in East Hampton. East Hampton is the perfect place to wrap up your day in the Hamptons. This area is the home to a large number of trendy bars, exquisite restaurants, and designer stores. Before soaking up the fancy life though, be sure to stop at the Longhouse Reserve. This beautiful park is home to an excellent outdoor sculpture garden and hosts frequent art events. Besides being a frequent hangout of the celebrities who call the Hamptons home, it’s an excellent spot for a little relaxation after a day of fun out on the water. The Hamptons are one of the most famous destinations in America and to really experience them in style you’ll need a charter yacht. So reserve yours now for your next amazing holiday!