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Santa Maria di Leuca , Italy
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The boat has two double cabins, one twin room, and one single and two bathrooms. Perfect for 7 people and our skipper. It is a comfortable boat and performs well. The captain is fishing passionate and very expert about Salento's coast and Ionian Greece.

Week-long Sailing excursions in Salento. Departure is scheduled for Saturday at 6 pm. We'll return to port on Saturday at 10 pm evening. 

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Charter - Full day (8 Hours)
Santa Maria di Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca

Known for its lakes, rivers, waterfalls and coasts, Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy is any nautical lovers dream. Located in the “heel” of the Italian Boot Santa Maria di Leuca (or Leuca or locals usually refer to it) is where the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea come together to form the famed Castrignano del Capo. Leuca is a true Mediterranean destination and the perfect place to begin an exploration of the many islands, towns and different countries of the region and it all begins when you charter a boat from its enchanting marina.

Look for The Lighthouse. The lovely village of Leuca gets its name from the Greek word “leukos” meaning white because of the many white calcareous rocks that dot its horizon. These days, one of its most recognizable features is its famous 140-foot tall lighthouse that has been guiding sailors into the bay for over centuries. Long before the days of GPS, the lighthouse provided a trusty way for people to find the town. Depending on the season, tourists are sometimes even allowed to go up and get an incredible panoramic view of the sea and surrounding foothills. 

Discover Leuca’s Charming Seafront. As a true Italian seaside village, Santa Maria di Leuca features one of the most charming seafront promenades in the country. Its filled with elegant villas and large buildings along with the classic Moorish-style decorations of the Villa Daniele and the mystical Villa La Meridiana. The shopping downtown is hard to beat as well where you can find handcrafted items depicting the local style of the province. And, of course, there are so many incredible restaurants to choose from.

Plan Your Italian Escape. Santa Maria di Leuca best feature is that it is perfectly situated for an Italian adventure. The town is quickly reachable from Rome by domestic flight or train. From here, you can set sail and explore up the coasts of Italy as well as nearby Greece, Croatia and so much more. Santa Maria di Leuca is where Italian hospitality meets stunning nature and opportunity for adventure and with your own charter, you’ll be able to truly experience the best of what it has to offer!