Harmony 52

Palermo , Italy
# 934
from $2,444.00 / 4 Hour

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Turning heads and causing a stir, The Harmony 52 is a luxury blue water yacht offering luxury, performance, speed, and a great build. Seriously challenging the top end of the market with its innovation, style, and practicality The Harmony 52 is the rental for you.  No captain needed.

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Cruiser, Center console
Poncin Yachts Harmony 52


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It’s hard to say anything about Palermo without doing it justice. The capital of Sicily, Palermo is considered one of the greatest destinations on earth. Most residents refer to it as “paradise on earth” as well as most of the travelers who go to visit there. Palermo embodies everything that is great about both local Sardinian culture and Italy. It is a culinary paradise situated among the mountains and foothills wrapped up in a long and fascinating culture. In short, if you have only one choice for your next vacation destination, then the Palermo should be it!

Discover the Crossroads of Civilizations. Palermo has an incredibly rich history. It’s been home to countless civilizations, kingdoms and always a crucial step in the Mediterranean as a key trading port. As such it is home to an eclectic mix of cultures reminiscent of the many different histories it has had. The city is an incredible mix of Byzantine style mosaic, Renaissance cupolas, domes, and so much more. Here palm trees line the outskirts of Gothic palaces and you can truly discover the roots of Europe.

Charter Your Adventure around Sicily. Palermo is an incredible city, but it is also a gateway. The airport is connected to over thirty destinations worldwide and the marina is just a short drive away. Once you’ve experienced the pleasures of the city, you can head out and explore the great island of Sicily. Just a short sail away are charming fishing villages that will transport back to simpler times. Here you can get away from it all and enjoy the simple lifestyle in the charming seaside resorts.

Discover an Authentic Taste of Sicily. Palermo is a culinary destination. It’s a truly a place to savor it all. Begin by exploring the street food of famous spots like I Cuochini which have been preparing up local food for countless years and then head on to amazing Sicilian style landmark destinations like Osteria Lo Bianco and Trattoria Ai Cascinari. There are simply so many great spots to choose from so be sure you leave plenty of time in your itinerary to explore them all. Palermo is a one of a kind destination and with your own charter, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable vacation experience.