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Brazil , Rest of the World
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Rent a 5 m RIB for a trip in Rio de Janeiro and visit amazing places! Trip to Cagarras Island with stop for swimming or visit the historical places from Guanabara bay! Customize routes can be discussed.

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Flexboat SR 500
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Brazil is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. From the world-famous beaches of Rio to the depths of the Amazon, in Brazil, you can discover so much! The county is also massive and stretches all the way from the basin of Amazon that pours into the Caribbean to the iconic Iguazu Falls in the festive city of Rio. From the vibrant streets of Sao Paulo to diving off the coast and diving even deeper into South America, Brazil offers so many opportunities for travelers to lose themselves on an incredible adventure. Here are just a few of the incredible things you can do in Brazil.

Unleash a Different Side of Brazil in Bahia. Bahia is not exactly what you picture when you think of Brazil, but that’s what makes it so incredible. Bahia is in the northeastern corner of the country and contains some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Along with these are some of the densest parts of the Amazon and home to some of the country’s most famous traditions like capoeira martial arts and the delicious moqueca—a stew made from ocean-fresh seafood and coconut milk.

Charter a Course into Alagoas and more. From Bahia, you can charter a boat and head into some of the pristine islands and coral reefs just off the coast. Before you do, however, check out the incredible sand dunes which are among the tallest in the world! Heading west from here, you can travel into the Pantanal wetlands—a rare habitat that’s home to hundreds of different birds’ species and even some jaguars. This biodiverse area is home to so many different wildlife species that scientists are constantly discovering new ones there!

Head into the Iconic Parts of Brazil. No discussion of Brazil is complete without talking about its most famous place—Rio de Janeiro. This is where all the action happens. After discovering the depths of the natural beauty, you can head to this amazing city home to the famous Ipanema and Copacabana Beaches, thrilling night clubs and the world-famous Carnal festival. Rio has everything you are looking for from a wide range of water sports, exciting city life and so much more! Brazil is one of the most exciting countries on earth and there’s no better way to get an authentic taste of it than by chartering your own boat. So reserve yours now for your next amazing adventure!