Ferretti 60

Astypalaia , Greece
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Astypalea yachting providing services in skippered yacht chartering. We decided to finally make our dreams come true by devoting our life to the sea, tourism and hospitality, providing superior value, memories and experience, but first of all safety and affordability, and we are so looking forward making new friendships.

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The small island of Astypalaia of the Dodecanese Archipelago is a charming respite from the hectic bustles of Greece larger tourist destinations like Santorini and Crete. The island’s history dates back several millennia and is a lovely combination of charming villages, long sandy beaches and great food and hospitality. By traveling here, you’ll get an authentic taste of Greek island life and discover one of the true gems of the Mediterranean.

Jump into the History and Culture of Greece. Astypalaia original name was Ichthyosis because of the abundant fish that locals pulled in. You can still feel the roots of the fishing village today when you set out on a fishing expedition from one of the great marinas on the island. Best of all, Astypalaia is conveniently located and connected to flights from Rhodes and Athens as well accessible by ferries from Kalymnos and Piraeus.

Explore the Pleasures of Chora. The island’s capital and major port is Chora. The scenic town perched on cliff overlooks two bays and is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset. When you roam the village, you can enjoy its large castle along with the towering domes of the churches of Agios Georgios and Evangelistria. Just near the churches, you can find some of the characteristic homes of the island with their beautiful whitewashed walls, blue doors and great balconies that often provide great views of the ocean. 

Sail around the two islands of Astypalaia. Astypalaia is technically two islands divided into Livania, the inner island, and Maltezana, the outer island. Livania is a small seafront village inside a fertile valley where you can enjoy citrus groves, vineyards, and amazing amounts of flowers all nearby a relaxing beach. Maltezana has a little more excitement and attracts more of the island’s tourism. The name derives from the Maltese Pirates who once used the island as a hideout and has a great selection of different restaurants, bars, cafes, and shopping. The two sides of Astypalaia truly complement each other and gives you the perfect balance between excitement and relaxation. With your own charter, you’ll be able to easily sail between these two different sides along with exploring the other nearby islands to truly have an unforgettable experience in Greece!