Endevour 38

Jalisco , Mexico
# 3905

A comfortable and spacious sailboat, ideal for a day full of fun sailing or motor to the different destinations of the bay, enjoy its fully cushioned bow, a wide and covered cockpit, and an extensive awning. The interior is charming with teak very well varnished. It has 2 cabins, a bathroom, and kitchenette. We also have aquatic equipment (kayaks, the paddle board) that will make your trip very pleasant.

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Endevour 38
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Daysailer & weekend


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The state of Jalisco located in Western Mexico has something to offer everyone. The birthplace of tequila and mariachi music, Jalisco is a vibrant place from its capital of Guadalajara which is filled with charming colonials’ plazas and famed landmarks like the Teatro Degollado and the Palacio de Gobierno to its amazing beaches and mountain destinations. Best of all, the state is highly accessible and home to a major international airport and several others making it easy for either a short weekend getaway or a long vacation.

Soak Up the Sights and Sounds in Mexico. When most of us think of vacations in Mexico places like Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta probably come to mind. Jalisco, however, is actually leading the revival of Mexican tourism and a lot of it has to do with its authentic mixture of local culture and incredible environment. In the capital of Guadalajara, one of the best love places is the Tlaquepaque neighborhood with its charming cafes and great restaurants. Of course, nothing beats a trip to Tequila where much like Champagne in France, the product must be produced there to be officially called Tequila. Do note, however, that with the fine tequilas here you sip them like scotch not down them with salt and lime like a tourist!

Head Out to the Great Beaches. Jalisco enjoys some of the best climate in Mexico. It has overall warm year-round weather and since much of it is at higher altitude, it doesn’t get as hot as other destinations in the country. After you’ve had your fun around the capital city then it’s time to head out to the incredible beaches. One of the most famous is Playa Las Animas which is well-known for its white, soft sand and calm waters making it an ideal destination for a huge range of watersports.

Cruise the Coast of Jalisco. Jalisco features some of the most stunning coastlines in Mexico. And unlike other destinations like Cancun, it never gets that overrun feeling. Instead, you’ll be able to soak up some authentic culture and really get a unique experience while still enjoy some incredible hospitality. Puerto Vallarta is, of course, the most famous beach destination but just south of there are some incredible places like Yelapa Beach and the Marieta Islands where you can discover a different side of Mexico. Jalisco is a big state with so many great activities and with your own charter, you’ll be able to get a little taste of it all!