14' Speedboat

Cancún , Mexico
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from $85.00 / Hour

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Fast & Fun in Cancun!

2 Adult + 2 Kid Capacity

Several tours available: 

  • Jungle tour express: 45 minutes
  • Jungle tour snorkel: 2 hours
  • Jungle tour explore: 1hr 30
  • Jungle tour expedition: 2 hours

(Please plan on bring $13 per guest to pay on the spot for local taxes) 

Boat info

Passenger Capacity
Year Built
Fuel Capacity
Cancellation Policy
If you wish to cancel, you must do so at least two days prior to your Jungle Tour date. A cancellation fee of 30% of your Jungle Tour price will apply.


Snorkeling Gear
Ice, Soda, Water
Bottle of water is included.
Not Included
Inflatable Extras
Boat type
Fishing Gear
Local Cruising Fuel
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
You drive it yourself
Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol is forbidden
Not included
14' Speedboat
Boat category


Offered charter packages. Pricings excluding optional items.

Express Tour (45 minutes) (1 Hour)
Snorkel Tour (2 hours) (2 Hours)
Explore Tour (1hr 30) (2 Hours)
Jungle Tour (2 hours) (2 Hours)


Vegas of Mexico- Yes that’s Cancún is popularly known as. Cancún is an awesome location, where thousands of tourists come around to explore different places and enjoy the culture of the place. One of the destinations in Mexico, which is known to be a non-stop place for all those who come with high spirits and energy from around the world. The place is all about exciting music, unbeatable nightlife, super beaches, and extraordinary restaurants that serve the best food in the city.

When you are here with your loved ones, what can a better way to keep them entertained other than letting them loose in some water sports? Besides great food, shopping stuff, and places to visit, Cancún has some nice water spots, missing which will only be regretting later. Beginning with one of the latest trends here in Cancún is the Boat parties. Just get your boat and be ready to dance to the hip tunes while enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. Renting Luxury boat and making the most of it is what Cancún will teach you, once you are here. Go for these water activities!

Start with Jetpack flight experience, if you ever have dream about flying high in the sky. Technology has finally made efforts to make your flying dreams come true. Get your adrenaline rush as you get onto this Jetpack flight in Cancún. The excitement while trying this flight experience is on another level, as it takes you high to the skies.

Continue with the Seabreacher, which is one of those ultimate rides in Cancún that no one misses. You might not have stumbled upon such cool water activity before. The ride is simply mind-blowing and gives mind blowing and fun experience to everyone who opts for this. High-speed dives and the aquatic fun complete this activity in Cancún. You will adore watching yourself enjoying in the middle of those beautiful blue waters.

Jetovator Flight Experience is yet another fun thing to do here in Cancún. Riding bikes above skies are something that we all dream of. Moreover, Jetovator is super easy to ride and grab your controls on. So, follow what the instructor says and ride this fantastic thing.

Cancún is an incredibly awesome place, traveling to which means getting closer to the adventurous sights, superb water sports, and surprising restaurants. So, come and make some memorable moments with your loved ones.